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We at Ramgarh Gurukul provide our students with the best facilities for their all-round development.

The school is situated at village Behli near Gurukund and is spread over 40 Bighas. The lush green surroundings are congenial for overall growth of the child. School is divided into different complexes which are at various stages of development. various complexes like primary school, Secondary school, Amphitheater, Two play grounds, Library, Activity halls, indoor Sports complex etc will be well equipped with latest equipment. Various labs like for Language, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer etc have been planned which are necessary for academic growth. The school uses modern techniques of smart teaching using white boards, audio-visual equipment, Interactive boards etc. Multi media presentations make the learning easy for the child. Along with this well equipped music room, toy room, have also been provided for balanced overall growth of the children

Dimensions Of School Rooms/Class Rooms and Washrooms

Sr.No. Classes/Rooms Dimensions (ft.)
1 I 15/16
2 II 15/16
3 III 16.5/14.5
4 IV 26/12
5 V 18.5/12
6 VI 15.5/11.9
7 VII 13.5/15.5
8 VIII 26/12
9 Multimedia /Computer room 25.5/15
10 Sports room 26.5/15
11 Principal office 11-Dec
12 Office/Reception 30.5/37
13 Hall 40.5/15


Sr.No. Toilets  Dimensions ( ft.)
1 Staff (He) 9/12
2 Staff (She) 9/12
3 Boys 9/12
4 Girls 9/12