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Campus Activities

In order to ensure overall development, various activities will be conducted regularly throughout the session. These activities include painting competition, Quiz, Declamation contests, Art & Craft Competitions, Speed Reading, Essay and Creative Writing, Recitation and Singing Competitions besides other activities helping the children to develop the personality. The school will ensure 100% participation of all students in various activities so that there is no feeling of superiority and inferiority in the mind of child.
We also give a great deal of importance to co-curricular activities. It includes exposure to music, dance, dramatics and arts like painting, clay modeling, paper and needlework and carpentry. The school will have an orchestra and school band, which play on a wide range of Indian and Western musical instruments. We have a modern stage and an open-air auditorium for performances. An indoor auditorium is also being constructed. In order to create social awareness and responsibility, we encourage students to become members of the National Social Service (NSS) and National Cadet Corps.

Students from Class IV onwards are offered a variety of hobbies from which they select a hobby and purposefully work at building their skills in it.
These activities include:
• Gymnastics
• Taekwondo
• Aerobics
• Yoga
• Skating
• Photography
• Musical Instruments (Drums, Keyboard, Guitar etc.)
• Singing
• Dance
• Cookery
• Needle Craft
• Drawing (Art / Cartooning)
• Carom
• Chess

In addition to the above activities, children play different games during school hours. Alternatively, they may enrol themselves in the before and after school sports program for intensive coaching and practice

Sporting activities include:
• Swimming
• Basketball
• Football
• Tennis
• Cricket
• Skating

Educational Tours
Activity-based tours and educational excursions are organized for the students. They are also exposed to socially relevant issues through movies, lectures, plays etc.

Inter Class/Intra Class Activities
At Ramgarh Global School, we strongly believe that academic excellence must be supplemented with a sound program of co-curricular activities. It is with this view that all students are encouraged to participate regularly in various activities both, in and outside school. Students are encouraged to participate in inter-class and intra-class competitions through the year

Since works of art and craft are manifestations of children’s thinking and feelings, dialogue between teacher and students is used to help students express themselves about the world around them. Replicas of objects and pictures, step-by-step drawings are therefore discouraged.

Not only do we teach art and craft as separate disciplines, these are used for curriculum integration as well. Separate rooms for Art and Crafts help nurture students’ talents.
In the field of music the children are doing well. During their hobbies they learn different instruments such as Keyboard, Guitar, Banjo, Tabla, Drums etc. Shabads and Bhajans are also composed on different ragas.

National Social Service (NSS) and National Cadet Corps
NCC/NSS will be introduced . Uniforms & kit will supplied by the NCC/NSS directorate for the junior wing. Minimum of 30 parades are held every year & children will be prepared to take part in various Annual Training Camps held by the NCC/NSS directorate.

Annual Day
We take pride in the diverse nature of programmes held in school as part of the Annual Celebrations.

The school organizes these events as its annual feature
• A musical
• A sports meet cum variety programme
• A thematic Project Display