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General Policies

• The admission of a child to the school means complete acceptance by the parents/guardian of all school rules as in force or as amended from time to time. Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the school management.
• The first, third and fifth Saturdays of each month shall be working Saturdays. The remaining Saturdays will be holidays. However, if a holiday falls upon a working Saturday, then the following non-working Saturday will automatically become a working Saturday.
• Private tuitions are discouraged. School teachers are advised not to take tuitions of the pupils of this school.
• It is understood that the school authorities will take all necessary care and precautions to safeguard the pupil. However the school will not be responsible for any mishap beyond their control in the school. This applies not only at the School premises but also on school excursions, outings, picnics and camps.
• Transport arrangements to and from the school are the responsibility of the parents. Proper transport arrangements must be made to ensure that the students reach the school punctually and leave on time.
• In all matters pertaining to admission, studies, discipline, behavior and welfare of the students the Principal’s decision is final and binding on all students/parents/guardians.
• Valuable articles, mobile phones and digital diaries are not allowed on the school premises. If found, these will be confiscated.
• A complete Monthly Planner is given at the beginning of every month, mentioning the activities to be covered, curriculum for the month, Diet Plan. A complete diet plan is given for the junior wing to inculcate good eating habits, to reduce differentiation among children and a good health.
• In the interest of the student’s security tiffin/lunch boxes, sent after school begins, will not be accepted.
• At the end of day a mailer mentioning the daily activities conducted at school is sent to wards so that they can know the daily progress of the Child.